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Lawn Maintenance

Whether residential or commercial, your landscaping is what people will notice first about your property. Trust Cheaper Than The Kid Next Door Landscaping for all your lawn maintenance and garden services in Worcester County, from routine lawn maintenance to the design and installation of an entirely new landscaping plan. We do it all; Lawn mowing, shrub pruning, mulch installation, landscape bed edging, lawn aeration, lawn overseeing and so much more.

Lawn Mowing is performed weekly, every (7) days. Lawn mowing traditionally starts the third week of April and ends the first week of November. The season ranges from 28-30 weeks depending on weather and growing conditions.

Service Includes:

  • – Mowing of the grass to the appropriate height for the season and the mulching of the clippings back into the grass.
  • – The edging along all driveways, sidewalks, building, and landscape to the same height as the mower height.
  • – The blowing off of all hard surfaces such as sidewalks and driveways, parking lots.
  • – The policing of the lawn prior to mowing for the removal litter.

Landscape Maintenance is performed twice; first between June and July and a second time between August and September. The shrubs will be shaped to promote health and neat appearance and will be pruned when timing is appropriate to the plant. Clippings will be picked up and disposed of offsite and this will be included in the price. Customers can elect to have shrubs pruned only once but it is strongly recommended they be pruned twice for health and neat appearance.

Mulch installation can be performed with a variety of types of mulch which include:

Double ground hard wood (brown)

Black mulch

Red mulch

Triple ground economy Mulch

Mulch is applied to the bed to create an approximate depth of 3 inches. We feel this is the optimal depth to help retain moisture and keep weeds from germinating in landscape beds. This service can be performed any time between April and November.

The edging of all landscape beds is done with a mechanical edger or hand spade to provide a neat 3 inch defined edge along all beds bordering a grass area. All debris is removed from the bed area and is disposed of offsite. This service is usually purchased in conjunction with mulch installation but can be hired out separately.

Bed Maintenance is the weeding of landscape beds. This is performed by hand weeding of beds as well as the application of a non-selective herbicide such as Round-Up to keep a neat and weed free appearance to the beds. This service can be performed one time, but is usually done for the entire season. Beds are serviced as needed; on a weekly or bi-weekly basis as outlined in our six step maintenance program.

Lawn aeration is performed with a core aerator in the spring or fall. The core is taken out of the ground at a depth of 3 to 3.5 inches. Cores are not removed but allowed to breakup and enrich the existing soil. Aeration will help relieve soil compaction and allow for thicker root growth and better penetration of water and fertilizer.

Over-seeding is performed right after aeration with a broadcast spreader. Seed is laid down between 4 and 5 pounds per 1,000 square feet. This is traditionally done in early spring and early fall.

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