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Welcome to Cheaper Than The Kid Next Door

We provide year-round property landscaping and maintenance ,which includes lawn mowing, fertilizing, spring and fall cleanups, de-thatching, aerating, seeding, mulching, edging, and snow plowing in Worcester, West Boylston, Holden and Rutland. We are that simple…nothing but a good old fashion landscaping!

We started this company because we found it impossible to find a reliable, dependable professional landscaper that was not a MILLION dollars a visit. Everyone was either too busy or too expensive. That is, if we could even get them to call us back.

So we dedicated ourselves to providing GREAT service at an even better than reasonable price. As a matter of fact, a price that is “cheaper than the kid next door”. We don’t need to drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari. A rusty pickup truck will do!

afforbale landscaper who does lawn mowing

Weekly mowing, edging, trimming and blowing of your home’s front, back and side yards. Our full service lawn maintenance packages include not only mowing, edging, and trimming, but also pulling of all weeds in mulch beds, pruning as necessary, and any other needed landscape maintenance.

affordable landscaper who does snow plowing
Snow Plowing

Providing residential and commercial snow plowing, snow blowing, shoveling, salting and sanding for large parking lots, sidewalks, walkways, stairs and home driveways in Worcester County, Massachusetts. Offering the cheapest, most affordable snow removal service with attention to detail.

Already Have a Landscaper? We will beat any pricing!

Client Testimonials

Great company and they guys care about my lawn.

I had an expensive landscaper who showed up each week but never did what I asked of him. I asked to have my hedges trimmed for over a month. I call these guys and they did everything on the very first visit. Thanks guys.

Morgan Hill
Fast, Dependable and the Price is Right.

I called 3 companies trying to get a quote to take care of the landscaping for my office. Other companies either didn’t call me back or did and the cost was outrageous. Cheaper Than the Kid Next Door answered the phone, gave me a very fair price and they do ...

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